Travis Norman



Commander Academy

The Evolution of Legendary Creature Design in Commander

What era is your Commander from?

Commander Academy

Growing with Gahiji

Travis tells us about one of his favorite Commander decks.

Commander Academy

Commander Primer: Dimir

It’s a secret to everybody.

Commander Academy

It’s Okay to Take a Break from Magic

You make the decision to play Magic, and you can also make the decision to step away.

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Commander Academy

Sol Ring Isn’t Going Anywhere

The best card everyone owns.

Commander Academy

How Humans Could Grow in Commander

Travis knows what humans want.

Commander Academy

Human Tribal: What Holds Back the Ruthless Regiment?

Travis checks in on Humans as a tribe in EDH.

Commander Academy

Commander Primer: Azorius

Can filibuster counters grant abilities?

Commander Academy

The Trouble With Cyclonic Rift in Commander

What makes it such a ubiquitous card? Should it be banned?

Commander Academy

What to Do About Having Too Many Decks

Try this before tearing down your least-played Commander deck.

Commander Academy

Introduction to Canadian Highlander

Play the format of powerful singleton duels!