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What’s Wrong with Linear Commander Decks?

Lowry is here to look at the role linear strategies play in the Commander ecosystem.

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Why is 1v1 Commander not Popular?

Lowry examines the 1-on-1 subculture of Commander, and how it relates to the wildly popular multiplayer foundation.

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Three Lost Caverns of Ixalan Cards I’m Excited for

Lowry has plenty to say about three standout cards from the newest iteration of Ixalan.

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Minsc and Boo, an Alternative Look

Minsc and Boo made a splash in Legacy, but how about in Commander? Lowry is here to suggest some paths forward for the planeswalker.

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Reviewing the Modern Banlist

Lowry has a look at the Modern ban list, and wonders what might be able to depart it.

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My Universes Beyond Wish List

Lowry looks at some new potential crossovers for Magic and other popular games.

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Does cEDH Have a Bad Reputation?

Lowry takes a look at the vastly different ideas people have about Magic’s competitive multiplayer format.

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Entering the Shadow: Yuriko

Know the feeling when you uncover a commander you never new existed? Lowry’s head is spinning with ideas for Yuriko.

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Four Bad Cards Commander Players Keep Playing

Lowry takes a look at some common trap cards Commander players find themselves running, and why they should reconsider.

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What the Heck Does Power Level Even Mean?

Lowry wants to know what is Power Level? Do you know? Ask your friends. Do they know? Does anyone know? Find out inside!

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What Would Sideboarding in Commander Look Like?

Of course you can’t sideboard in Commander, but, what if you could? Lowry is here with an idea.