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It’s Easy Being Green: The Best Green Commons of Phyrexia: All Will Be One

Hugh takes us through the heavy-hitters found in the common slot of this new Limited environment.

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Tips and (Combat) Tricks of the Arena Cube

Arena Cube returns for the Arena Open this weekend and Kramer has all the instant-speed tips and tricks to look for.

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Maintaining Priorities

Hugh reflects on growing with Magic, and how our priorities change over time.

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PTQ Doubleheader *Top 8*

In which prodigal Hipster Hugh top 8’s one of a pair of PTQs at the fabulous West Nyack mall.

Card Kingdom

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A Tale of Two PTQs

Hugh shares his thoughts on Theros/Born of the Gods sealed ahead of GP Philly … and after top 8-ing last week’s PTQ in SomerVILLE!

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Cube Draft #1

Hugh takes the holiday cube for a spin!

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Modern Masters–Blasting and Wackadoodling

For my first HOTC video I did a Modern Masters draft since they’re on magic online all week (hot damn!).

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Join Hugh Kramer “Control” as he explores three of his most recent magical endeavors!

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Team Draft League!

Ohhhhhh boy. Team drafting! That’s where it’s at—plus two turntables and a microphone. Today I am excited to discuss team […]

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Once You Paup’ the Fun Don’t Staup!

Hugh Kramer dives into the shallow end of the Hipsters’ Standard Pauper tournament with his Mono-Blue Delver of Secrets deck.

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UG Ramp in Theros Limited

Hugh Kramer forces UG Ramp in Theros Limited and shows what he drafted to get there!