Leveling Up

Core Set 2021 Hopes and Dreams

More counterspells and more cheap green creatures please!

Looking Past Companions

Why play Yorion when you can play Yorvo? Drop your Lurrus for Lotus Field.

Get Ready to Shuffle Eighty

Standard has become an 80-card format thanks to Yorion, Sky Nomad.

Dangerous Companions

So it turns out companions are powerful.

Card Kingdom

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Opening Thoughts on Ikoria Standard

Companions, songs, and flying sharks, oh my!

Constructed Hidden Gems from Ikoria Previews

Standard Izzet decks and Modern Humans decks look to benefit from new cards.

The Next Chapter of Modern

Zack turns the page in Modern and picks winners and losers.

Should Inverter of Truth Be Banned in Pioneer?

With tips on how to beat it!

Standard Innovation: Don’t Copy Decks from Worlds

How to adapt to the Standard metagame following a major professional event.

Moving Forward with Bant in Standard

The continuing Standard adventures of Tolsimir, Uro, and Cavalier of Thorns.

Taking Uro to Standard in Philly

Playing Bant in Standard with the new Titan.