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Drawing Live

Preparing for the Unknown

Anxiety and excitement battle it out as a major trip looms.

Drawing Live

Chasing Goals

After hitting an accidental milestone, Zach takes stock of what’s really important.

Drawing Live

Six Years and a Lifetime Ago

On his sixth anniversary at Hipsters of the Coast, Zach encourages you all to look back.

Drawing Live

Actionable Feedback

Zach offers a critical bit of life, Magic, and game design advice: how to give actionable feedback.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Drawing Live

Saying Thanks

How do you respond to compliments? Zach shares his experience.

Drawing Live

Heuristics of Magic and Life

As the biggest GDS3 cut hits home, it’s time to remember some important tricks for dealing with hope, anxiety, triumph, and loss.

Drawing Live

Doctor Strange, or How I Learned to Stop Solving Red Problems with Blue Solutions

Doctor Strange is a blue character faced with an unfamiliar, uncomfortable situation. There’s a lot to learn from this, both about Magic, and life.


Set Adrift

Lately Hunter’s been feeling loose-limbed and at loose ends; free and easy yet also somewhat doom-y.


Too Much Salt

Hunter’s been feeling extra salty lately while playing Magic: The Gathering—and he doesn’t like it.

Counting to 20

Kill Your Darlings

GCB learns a valuable lesson about control vs aggro, thanks to a savage beating administered by Smirkin’ Steve Sadin.


Under the Pressure

Finally off the road after a long summer, Hunter finds himself restless and discontent—until a friend’s alarm call snaps him out of it.