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Leveling Up

Core Set 2021 Hopes and Dreams

More counterspells and more cheap green creatures please!

Drawing Live

The Designs of Magic 2019

Zach gives some quick hit analysis of Magic 2019 card designs.

Drawing Live

The Triumphant Return of Core Sets

Magic 2019 is a core set with potentially the largest audience ever. Find out who it’s for, who it might not be for, and why its design is so fascinating!

What We Learned

From Magic 2015 to Magic 2019, A Four-Year Experiment

With Magic 2019 the core set returns, so let’s take a look back on its four year absence and see what we learned.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Undefeated in Origins

Brendan crushed his Magic Origins prerelease with big creatures and removal.

Grinding It Out

Magic Origins Instants and Flash Spells

Monique is back with her nifty table of Instants. Brush up on Magic Origins combat tricks and other instant speed spells just in time for the prerelease.

None Shall Pass Bombs

M15 Sealed Primer

Brendan examines M15 sealed for upcoming Grand Prix and PTQs.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Hello Magic 2015

Brendan says hello to Magic 2015 drafting.



Lately everybody’s been ragging on core set. But there’s no better arena in which to reinforce Magic’s fundamentals.


Shame, Thy Name Is Keeping a Five-Land Hand

Magic is a stern teacher, as I learned this past weekend in—of all events—the M14 Two-Headed Giant flight.

From the Sideboard

M14’s Sexy Shirtless Guys Card Quest

Strap in for some almost-naked angels and conservatively dressed men. Also only the dead get fat.