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Scrub Report

Awkward Decks, Drafting, and Rare Re-Drafts

Scrub Reporter Kairi looks back on her first Pre-Release, and gives some of her thoughts on rare re-drafting.

From the Sideboard

Pool + Player = Record

Guest author Michael Scovazzo on how tournament metadata—length, level of competition, round number, opponent, and more—should factor into your sealed deckbuilding and sideboarding choices.

Power and Toughness

Team Draft League Finals

Matt shares his experience in the Team Draft League finals. Could the Mobliterators get just one more win?

Power and Toughness

Team Draft League Semi-Finals

Matt tells the story of the Team Draft League M15 semi-finals match between the Mobliterators and Spice Thyme.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.


Draftathon! (feat. OG Ravnica block)

Last weekend Hunter hosted a draftathon at a long-disused Magic venue: his fifth-floor walkup apartment in Brooklyn.

Power and Toughness

I Like to Draw

Matt draws his way through a second viewing of the Maria Lassnig exhibition and writes a hidden story.


Love for a Lame Duck Format

M15 draft may be on its way out, but Hunter is still finding plenty to keep him interested.

Silence, Exile, and Cunning

Team Draft League Update

Derek reflects on the summer of M15 and Team Draft League.

Scrub Report

Judgment Call

Tony talks about learning to make the decisions that matter in Magic and life.

Ensnaring Cambridge

M15 Draft #3 (Video)

Shawn passes Triplicate Spirits and first picks Sliver Hive. Can he amass a winning record with a sliver army? Watch to find out.


Under the Pressure

Finally off the road after a long summer, Hunter finds himself restless and discontent—until a friend’s alarm call snaps him out of it.