Everyone loves a good draft, and for this week’s Midweek Magic, you have a free opportunity to draft one of the most unique sets released in recent years, The Brothers’ War. This completely free event gives you plenty of opportunities to earn up to three random rewards to help grow your card and cosmetic collection.

This event brings you a free bot draft of The Brothers’ War, so you won’t be drafting against other players. Instead, you’ll be up against an algorithm that will pick cards based on what it values as being better. Since this event is free to enter, you won’t have to spend any gems or gold coins to play; but at the same time, you don’t get to keep any cards you open—only the rewards you earn through your wins.

You can compete in this event from your computer on the game client or from your mobile device in the Magic: The Gathering Arena app. You can start drafting your deck and playing games on Tuesday starting at 2 p.m. PT and will run until Thursday at 2 p.m. PT.

The Brothers’ War Draft Archetypes

Drafting a deck is a special skill that can take tons of practice to learn to do well, but a few things can help you build right into the format. If you follow any one or more of the many archetypes in the set, you can build a relatively reliable deck. The Brothers’ War has 10 main two-color archetypes to be aware of, each one with strengths and weaknesses. You can absolutely mash two or more archetypes together if that’s what your draft is passing you: for example, combining W/U Soldiers with U/B Draw 2 gives you access to black mana and the high amount of removal in the color.

  • W/U Soldiers
  • U/B Draw 2
  • B/R Artifact Sacrifice
  • R/G Powerstones
  • G/W Artifacts
  • W/B Aggro
  • B/G Graveyard
  • G/U Ramp
  • U/R Prowess
  • R/W Unearth

Once you’ve drafted all your cards, you need to assemble a 40-card minimum deck from them. You can only use cards that you’ve drafted (other than basic lands, of which you can include as many as you like), with the remaining cards you don’t use becoming your sideboard. These events are best-of-one, so you won’t have to sideboard in-between games, but you can use those cards to modify your deck if cards aren’t performing the way you’d like.

If you want to learn more about the mechanics to look out for in the set, check out our guide here!

Winning two games will reward you with two random Rare Individual Cards, basically two wild cards, but you don’t get to control what they’re crafted into. These cards can be any rare or mythic rare card currently on Arena. The final reward is a cosmetic bundle that could have anything from a card style to a brand-new pet inside, depending on your luck. Card styles are by far the most common drop from the bundles, but you never know when you’re going to get lucky.

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