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None Shall Pass Bombs

The Front Half at Grand Prix Denver

Brendan reports from Grand Prix Denver and gushes for split cards.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Izzet in Team Sealed

Brendan talks Team Sealed for Grand Prix Denver, and examines the Izzet-Boros matchup.

None Shall Pass Bombs

The Chantilly Conjecture

Brendan reports from Grand Prix Washington DC in scenic Chantilly, Virginia.

Drawing Live

Top 24 at GP Columbus

Zach reports from Grand Prix Columbus, where his team finished in the top 24!

Card Kingdom

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Drawing Live

Dominaria Limited is HARD

Zach gives you the early read on Dominaria’s limitd formats, including Team Sealed for Grand Prix Columbus this weekend.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Hunters and Scholars

Brendan reports from Grand Prix DC, where the Hunters and Scholar fought to a 49th place finish.

Modern Institute of Technology

The Wolfpack at GP DC

Shawn recounts his travels and tournament experience at GP DC teaming with the Wolfpack.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Team Sealed Haiku

Brendan sets the stage for Grand Prix DC weekend with some weird haiku.

Power and Toughness

Two Artists One Robot

Matt photographically shares his GP Detroit experience!

None Shall Pass Bombs


Brendan spent a weekend in Detroit and had about as good a time as one can possibly have there.

Standard Deviation

Grand Prix Nashville

Last weekend Duncan hit up his first-ever Grand Prix. Find out how he and his teammates did!