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None Shall Pass Bombs

The Chantilly Conjecture

Carrie reports from Grand Prix Washington DC in scenic Chantilly, Virginia.

The Magic Minute

The Return of Mardu Vehicles at GP Turin and GP DC

Many pros chose mono-White Eldrazi last weekend while Mardu Vehicles made a triumphant return to Standard.

The Magic Minute

The Last Standard GPs Before Rotation, Plus Commander 2017 Reprints

The two GPs this weekend are the last before Standard rotates.

Grinding It Out

Will the Second Sun Rise in DC?

Roman reflects on his near miss at the RPTQ playing Second Sun, and whether the deck has what it takes this weekend for Grand Prix DC.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Command of Etiquette

Grand Purchases

Jess talks about how she always enjoys shopping for singles at a GP.

Command of Etiquette

Feed Your Players

Jess thinks it’s ridiculous that GPs don’t do a better job of feeding their players.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Hunters and Scholars

Carrie reports from Grand Prix DC, where the Hunters and Scholars fought to a 49th place finish.

Modern Institute of Technology

The Wolfpack at GP DC

Shawn recounts his travels and tournament experience at GP DC teaming with the Wolfpack.

Drawing Live

Game Design

Zach’s off in San Francisco for Game Developers Conference. He’s following his dream and encourages you all to do the same.

What We Learned

Team Family Grand Prix DC

Rich took a break from observing the Magic world to compete at Grand Prix DC, teaming with his brother for his young nephew’s grand prix debut.

Power and Toughness

GPDC Part One: Rumors

Jones rounds up his GPDC Main Event experience and shares an app that has made him a better person.