On Hipsters this week, you should be able to read two other Team Sealed reports from GP DC, one from Rich and one from Carrie. Rich’s is about teaming with his brother and young nephew. Rich wanted to spend some time with his family and even though he knew they wouldn’t spike the tournament, the experience of hanging out and playing Magic was enough to justify the tournament entrance. The report from Carrie will be about how her team opened a great pool and played some excellent Magic to finish 49th out of more than 1000 teams. My report sits somewhere in the middle of these two reports; the story of some GP traveling goons with spikey leanings but a sense of humor about scrubbing out. This is the story of a team that high fived each other in the last round when their opponents didn’t show up, meaning they were a few planeswalker points closer to that next GP bye. This is a 5-4 tournament report.

Nik, Tim, Erica, and I flew into DC on Thursday night. After a $65 cab right from Dulles to Arlington, VA I met up with the rest of the crew who had the good sense to fly into Reagan instead. We went out to a bar named the Rhodeside Grill and sat outside, enjoying the beautiful weather and approximately way too many Natty Bohs.


Friday was spent at the convention center playing Two Headed Giant. Tim and I, AKA Team Always Blue, put together a winning record with a RW Allies deck and a Gx Ramp deck with [casthaven]World Breaker[/casthaven], [casthaven]Thought-Knot Seer[/casthaven], [casthaven]Baloth Null[/casthaven], and [casthaven]Pulse of Murasa[/casthaven]. In the last round we Thought-Knotted our opponents three times, and they were not amused. Afterward we went out to Busboys and Poets, apparently just missing Rich and crew by a couple of minutes. One of these days we will get a real Hipsters get-together to happen.


Nik, getting ready to build


Me and Erica

Saturday, we got to the convention center right on time and sat down with our lackluster pre-registered pool. I want to thank StarCity for taking the time to preregister pools so we didn’t have to and to curse the Magic gods for bestowing a pile of trash onto us. I would say that we made the best of it but I certainly misbuilt my deck and ended up siding in and out the same couple cards every round. Here are our decks:

Erica's BW Allies

Creatures (12)
Courier Griffin
Emeria Sheperd
Makindi Patrol
Ondu War Cleric
Bloodbond Vampire
Malakir Soothsayer
Nirkana Assassin
Sifter of Skulls
Vampire Envoy
Cliffhaven Vampire

Spells (10)
 Roil’s Retribution
Complete Disregard
Grasp of Darkness
Oblivion Strike
Tar Snare
Unnatural Endurance
March from the Tomb
Oath of Gideon
Stoneforge Masterwork
Lands (17)
Blighted Steppe
Evolving Wilds