Duncan Martin


Standard Deviation

Why Aren’t We Playing These?

Duncan takes a look at his top five cards in Standard that (almost) no one is playing.

Standard Deviation

Number 1 King Team Hooray

Duncan talks about what it’s like to be on a Magic: the Gathering team with your friends, all in preparation for the PTQ this weekend.

Standard Deviation

50-Card Zoo

Duncan jumps into a new casual format that’s gaining popularity and brews up a Zoo deck with his favorite creatures of Zoo days past and present!

Standard Deviation

Lok’Tar, Warrior!

Duncan celebrates the new World of Warcraft expansion by putting together a celebration (in deck form) of his class: Black/White Warriors!

Card Kingdom

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Standard Deviation

Four-Color Abzan

Duncan takes a swing at porting one of his favorite KTK Limited archetypes into Standard!

Standard Deviation

Grand Prix Nashville

Last weekend Duncan hit up his first-ever Grand Prix. Find out how he and his teammates did!