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Standard Eyes

Standard Grand Prix Results

Daniel evaluates the aftermath of a double-Standard grand prix weekend!

Standard Eyes

Going to Your First Grand Prix

So you want to go to your first grand prix? Daniel is here to help!

What We Learned

Legacy Proves its Worth Again at Grand Prix Birmingham

Grand Prix Birmingham brought us another example of Legacy being a valuable format to the community, but its sustainability remains questionable

Grinding It Out

The Game Before the Game

Chantelle has advice on how to get your game face on and calm your nerves before a big tournament.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Zero to Thirty

Increasing Prize Support

Professional Magic players and spectators aren’t getting what they need. This must change for the health of the game.

Hope Eternal

Travel Tips

This week Kate talks about the practical aspects of tournament travel.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Grand Prix Oakland Report

Carrie reports from Grand Prix Oakland on her final dance with Battle for Zendikar Standard

Modern Institute of Technology

Karoo’ing and Day Two’ing at GP Pittsburgh, Part One

Shawn discusses making day two of GP Pittsburgh with Bloom Titan.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Madison Bummed

Carrie reports from Grand Prix Madison, where she took a mediocre sealed pool and came up just short of day two.

Power and Toughness

Two Artists One Robot

Matt photographically shares his GP Detroit experience!

None Shall Pass Bombs

Grand Prix Denver Report

Carrie reports from Grand Prix Denver, her first Standard grand prix.