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Class-Action Suit Alleging Judges are Wizards Employees Dismissed

Magic Judge Paul Yale filed a class-action suit in 2015 against Wizards of the Coast.

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Temur Energy at the Top of RPTQ Top 8s

Temur Energy took down GP Denver and was the most played deck in last weekend’s RPTQs.

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The Leaked FNM Double-Sided Token Promos

The WPN leak revealed the new FNM promos yesterday.

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The Ixalan Spoilers and Geocaching Game Have Already Started

The leaks are coming from inside the house.

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Breaking News

Wizards Accidentally Posts Ixalan Spoilers Early

Another set, another web page (with card images!) posted ahead of schedule.

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The Temur Trio™ Dominates Grand Prix Denver

Brad Nelson, Corey Baumeister, and Brian Braun-Duin, wrecked with Temur Energy.

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GP Denver and Nationals Coverage

GP Denver is this weekend and will be our first look at Standard since GP Minneapolis.

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TCGPlayer vs ION Scanner: The Battle of the Card-Scanning Apps

TCGPlayer’s mobile app can now scan cards.

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The 10,000,000th Sanctioned Magic Event…And Dragons!

Unbelievable but true: the 10,000,000th Magic event was held last weekend.

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The 2017 SDCC Promos Are Expensive And Still Available

This year’s SDCC promos are $165 and are still available for purchase 24 hours after going on sale.

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Modern is Healthy and an Ixalan Geocaching Game

Both Burn and Bant Knightfall won Modern GPs this weekend.