On today’s Minute: 2017 is the fifth year in a row that Wizards has released San Diego Comic Con promos and have always sold out instantly. But this year they are $165 and are still available for purchase 24 hours after going on sale.

The 2017 San Diego Comic Con exclusive promo planeswalkers went on sale yesterday in Hasbro’s online toy shop. This year’s edition costs $165 and is still available for purchase almost 24 hours after going on sale.

All previous editions of the Comic Con promos have sold out the instant they were available online. Wizards’ first exclusive Comic Con planeswalker promos were released in 2013 for $65 and featured a unique all-black style. 2014’s edition retained that style and included a Nerf version of Garruk’s axe for $110. The 2015 promos featured the double-faced planewalkers from Magic Origins in the same all-black style and sold for $120. 2016 finally saw a new style of Comic Con promos, with each member of the newly-formed Gatewatch depicted as a zombie, except for Liliana, and sold for a reduced price of $100.

But 2017’s promos are a different story. They include the Gatewatch, Nicol Bolas, and a large print of unique Bolas art. The set sells for $165 and is rumored to have seen a much larger print run than previous years. The combination of high price and high supply has lead to the set still being available on Hasbro’s site 24 hours later, a first in the 5-year history of San Diego Comic Con promos.


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