On today’s Minute: TCGPlayer released a new version of its mobile app that finally includes a card scanning feature, while QuietSpeculation previewed full-fledged PoS software that integrates with its ION scanner.

The card-scanning and pricing battle got more intense this week as TCGPlayer released a new version of its mobile app and QuietSpeculation previewed and upgrade to their ION Point of Service software.

Last May, TCGPlayer bought the ScryGlass app, which could scan a card with a phone’s camera and find its price. Last week they finally integrated that technology into their own mobile app, allowing an LGS or player to merely scan a card with their phone and quickly decide on a price.

QuietSpeculation, on the other hand, has sold the ION Scanner for over a year and half. ION is a physical camera connected to Windows software that also allows you to scan cards and find their prices. Yesterday at Gencon, QuietSpeculation demoed the newest addition to the ION Scanner: full-fledged Point of Service software that integrates the scanner with inventory management as well as your web store.

Stay tuned to Hipsters for more coverage as both of these apps battle for a place at your LGS.


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You can read about TCGPlayer’s acquisition of ScryGlass here.

You can read about QuietSpeculation’s ION Scanner here, and watch a video of its new PoS software here.

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