On today’s Minute: The new FNM promo tokens were leaked yesterday, plus the final Magic Story podcast is about CATS!

Remember when Wizards announced that Friday Night Magic promos would be changing from actual cards to double-sided foil tokens? Well, it turns out that three of those promo tokens were leaked yesterday along with the four Ixalan cards. Each card has a creature token side, including a Green Dinosaur, a Black Pirate, and a mono-White Vampire, as well as a Treasure token side, which you can sacrifice for one mana of any color. You can find images these tokens, as well as the spoiled Ixalan cards, at hipsters of the coast dot com.

Today marks the final Magic Story podcast about the Commander 2017 tribes. In today’s episode Blake and Allison discuss the Cat tribe and its representation in the Magic universe and cover the backstories of the set’s legendary cats: Miri, Arahbo, and Nazahn. You can find the podcast at magic.wizards.com—and make sure you tune in next week for the Ixalan episode, which will be our first look at the story of Magic’s newest plane.


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You can listen to today’s Magic Story podcast on the Cat tribe here.

Read Hipsters coverage of the Ixalan spoiler that were leaked by WPN here.


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