On today’s Minute: Wizards somehow leaked cards from an upcoming set again, this time through a WPN page. Plus, the Ixalan Geocaching game as already started.


Another expansion, another web page with card images posted ahead of schedule. This morning Wizards accidentally leaked four cards from the upcoming Ixalan set by publishing a Wizards Play Network page containing images of Ixalan promo cards, way before the Ixalan preview season was supposed to start. I won’t spoil anything for you here, dear listeners, but make sure to check out Hipsters’ coverage of these spoilers if you’re interested in seeing the new cards.

These leaks come just hours after news broke that the Ixalan geocaching game had already started. Forbes writer Lauren Orsini published an article last night describing being given an Ixalan trackable, which appears to be a Magic card-sized GPS device, and finding a geocache in which to put it. Now it’s up to other geocachers to find that trackable device and continue moving it until, after it has traveled a certain distance, Wizards will either reveal a bit of Ixalan story or a card from the set.


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