On today’s Minute: GP Denver is this weekend and will be our first look at Standard since GP Minneapolis. Plus, all three Nationals weekends will be broadcast, from Japan, England, and the US.

This weekend’s Grand Prix Denver returns to the Standard format. When we last left Standard at GP Minneapolis, Red had faded from the metagame post-Pro Tour Hour of Devastation and Black was on the rise, with Zombies and GB decks dominating the Top 16. Will we see Red make a comeback this weekend? Or will it be the Approach deck’s time to shine? Make sure to tune in to twitch.tv/magic this Saturday at 11am eastern to find out.

There will also be coverage of the three Nationals weekends in September and October. Japan nationals are up first, but the English coverage will be delayed a full 17 hours and begin Saturday morning. This delay is in response to the community’s feedback from Pro Tour Hour of Devastation, which was held in Kyoto, Japan, and which was broadcast live overnight in the US. Both of the remaining nationals, in England and the US, will be broadcast live as normal.


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