On today’s Minute: the 10,000,000th Magic event was held last weekend, plus another Magic story podcast, this time featuring Dragons.

Today, Wizards announced that the 10 millionth sanctioned event in Magic history was held last Sunday in Ontario, Canada, at OMG Games and Collectibles. It’s an amazing milestone for the game and a good way to mark how many people have played Magic in its 25-year history. Plus, the photos from the event are awesome—make sure to check them out at magic.wizards.com.

Wizards also released another Commander 2017 story podcast this morning. This week’s episode focuses on the Dragon tribe and its commanders, specifically O-Kagachi, the Ur-Dragon, Ramos, Dragon Engine, and Wasitora, Nekoru Queen. The hosts, Blake Rasmussen and Allison Luhrs, explain the character of each commander and their backstory, so if you’re interested in O-Kagachi’s role in the Kamigawa story, or how the Weatherlight crew came to meet Ramos on Mercadia, make sure you give it a listen.


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You can read about the 10,000,000th Magic even here.

Listen to today’s Magic story podcast about Dragons here. You can find the transcript here.

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