8/28/17 UPDATE: Wizards published an article regarding the massive Ixalan leaks from June. Read our coverage here.

It’s not preview season yet, but a few Ixalan spoilers slipped through the cracks early this morning. Wizards seems to have accidentally posted a WPN (Wizards Play Network) page early, which contained the various Ixalan promo cards that would accompany the set. These pages are typically where product and event information for upcoming sets are distributed to partner stores but aren’t supposed to go live before a set’s preview season begins.

This Ixalan leak is similar to the accidental Hour of Devastation leak by Wizards’ web team. In both cases a web page with card images from the forthcoming set has gone live before it was supposed to, but while the Hour of Devastation leaks spoiled some of the sets most iconic cards, this Ixalan leak doesn’t seem to contain any cards of particular note.

You can find all four spoiled cards, plus some tokens, below. If you’d like a Vorthos-y look at today’s spoilers, check out Jay Annelli’s post.

WARNING! Spoilers ahead!

You’ve been warned!

Walk the Plank

Walk the Plank looks to be the Ixalan Game Day promo and is in the running for best art in the set.

Bishop of Rebirth

This card has been spoiled twice now. First, it was accidentally included in the list of cards available in MTGO Treasure Chests, and now it has been spoiled on the WPN site. Bishop of Rebirth will be the Ixalan Draft Weekend promo.

…also, it’s a MONO-WHITE VAMPIRE.

Burning Sun’s Avatar

Burning Sun’s Avatar is our first spoiled Dinosaur and will be the Ixalan Buy-a-Box promo.

Unclaimed Territory

Unclaimed Territory is a Cavern of Souls without the uncounterable ability and will be the Ixalan League Promo.


Pirates! Dinosaurs! Treasure! We already knew Ixalan would have all three, but LOOK AT THAT ART!

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