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Here are the 13 Cards in Unstable That Have Variations with Alternate Art or Rules Text

Now we we know why Unstable has 216ish cards in Unstable!

The Magic Minute

216ish Cards: Unstable Cards Can Have Alternate Art and Multiple Text Boxes

Now we we know why Unstable has 216ish cards!

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Wizards Announces the Great Designer Search 3

Applications for the Great Designer Search 3 close January 15th, 2018.

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Japan Wins the 2017 Magic World Cup (Top 8 Recap)

The star-studded Japanese team overcame their historical underperformance to win the 2017 World Magic Cup.

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2017 Magic World Cup Day 2 Recap

The Top 8 is set after an epic match between Wales and the United States.

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2017 Magic World Cup Day 1 Recap

Day 1 of the 2017 Magic World Cup is in the books. Energy, Ramunap Red, and UW, oh my!

Breaking News

Team Metagame Gurus Separates With Travis Woo

Team MGG chose to split with Woo after the last week’s controversy over inclusion and acceptance in the Magic community.

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2017 World Magic Cup Preview

The World Magic Cup is this weekend, featuring Ixalan Team Sealed and Team Unified Standard.

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Rich vs. Harassment, GP Lyon, and the World Magic Cup

Rich discusses harassment in the Magic community, recaps Grand Prix Lyon, and preview the World Magic Cup.

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Wizards Responds to Bullying and Harassment in the Magic Community

Wizards finally released a statement about bullying and harassment in the Magic community.

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Sources: Social Justice Wizards to Ban All Trolls from Modern Ahead of Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan

In a shocking move, SJWs announced that Trolls are no longer welcome in Modern Magic.