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Pivotal Moments

Shadows Over Innistrad

Ryan recaps his understanding of the story of Shadows Over Innistrad.

Scry Five

Gatewatch Era Retrospective—Shadows Over Innistrad

Beck continues his synopis of the Gatewatch story, this week focusing on Shadows Over Innistrad block.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Top Fives Coming and Going

Carrie says goodbye to her five favorite Shadows block cards, and highlights some new favorites for the Kaladesh prerelease.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Out of the Shadows

Carrie shares her last dance in Shadows block limited from Grand Prix Louisville.

Card Kingdom

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From the Sideboard

The Design of Emrakul

So, how good is the new Emrakul? How does she line up with her previous incarnation, and why is she a better or worse design?

What We Learned

Nahiri vs. Sorin

Rich reviews the history between Nahiri and Sorin as we begin the previews for Eldritch Moon!

None Shall Pass Bombs

Clue Drafting

Carrie delves into the blue-green clue archetype in Shadows Over Innistrad draft.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Delirium Clemens

Carrie took delirium for a spin at the Shadows Over Innistrad prerelease.

What We Learned

Shadows Over Innistrad and the Storm Scale

This week we take a look at the mechanics of Shadows Over Innistrad and project their future placement on Mark Rosewater’s Storm Scale

None Shall Pass Bombs

Mechanics in Limited

Carrie explains what a set’s mechanics tell us about its limited environment.

Preview Season

Spoiler Season!—Shadows Over Innistrad

The Hipsters crew reacts to the Shadows Over Innistrad spoilers!