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None Shall Pass Bombs

Shadows Top Ten

Carrie shares her top ten limited cards from Shadows Over Innistrad.

None Shall Pass Bombs

I Love the PPTQ

Carrie tells you why she loves PPTQs and you should stop hating on them so much.

Drawing Live

The New Spider Spawning

Have you drafted UR Rise from the Tides yet? It’s a sweet archetype which hearkens back to the Spider Spawning decks of old.

What We Learned

Shadows Over Innistrad Prerelease League

Wizards has been doing great things lately with Magic Online. Sure there are still a lot of bugs and issues […]

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None Shall Pass Bombs

Into the Shadows

Just in time for Grand Prix Albuquerque, Carrie shares her early impressions of Shadows Over Innistrad sealed.

What We Learned


This week we talk about the rotation of the Modern and Standard formats and their impact on the wider community

Command of Etiquette

Four Planeswalkers and a Microphone

Jess reviews the four planeswalkers from Shadows Over Innistrad. They’re great!

Hope Eternal

Alter Excitement

This week Kate talks about the alters she wants to do from Shadows!

Command of Etiquette

Shadow Cabinets

Jess breaks down the commanders that will be showing up in Shadows Over Innistrad.

Grinding It Out

Shadows Over Innistrad Instants, Flash, and Madness Spells

Monique is back with her nifty table of Instants, Flash, and Madness Spells. Brush up on Shadows Over Innistrad combat tricks and other instant speed spells just in time for the prerelease.

What We Learned

Shadows Over Innistrad and the Storm Scale

This week we take a look at the mechanics of Shadows Over Innistrad and project their future placement on Mark Rosewater’s Storm Scale