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Eldritch Moon

None Shall Pass Bombs

Why Eldritch Moon Sealed is Great

Carrie explains why Eldritch Moon sealed is so great. Hint: it’s the uncommons.

None Shall Pass Bombs

I am Curious Red

Carrie looks at drafting red in Eldritch Moon and picking up 1/2 creatures.

Arting Around

Top 5 Eldritch Moon Tokens

Matt crowns the top five tokens from Eldritch Moon.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Eldritch Moon Sealed is Great

Carrie finished second and eleventh in two weekend Eldritch Moon sealed PPTQs. Get her insight before Grand Prix Montreal, Stockholm, and Sydney.

Card Kingdom

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None Shall Pass Bombs

Shooting the Moon

Carrie had good old Dimir fun at the Eldritch Moon prerelease.

Grinding It Out

Eldritch Moon Instants, Flash, and Madness Spells

Monique is back with her nifty table of Instants, Flash, and Madness Spells. Brush up on Eldritch Moon combat tricks and other instant speed spells just in time for the prerelease.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Limited Gems of Eldritch Moon

Carrie helps you get ready for the Eldritch Moon prerelease with some Limited gems from the new set.

Arting Around

The Blur of Eldritch Moon

Matt Jones scientifically investigates the art of Eldritch Moon.

Brew Corner

Spoilers in Legacy Brews!

This week Aaron revisits a couple older brews as well as an old favorite to discuss some new additions with the release of Eldritch Moon spoilers.

From the Sideboard

The Design of Emrakul

So, how good is the new Emrakul? How does she line up with her previous incarnation, and why is she a better or worse design?

Drawing Live

Executing the Design of Eldritch Moon

We finally know the big bad of Eldritch Moon. This character creates some enormous design challenges. Zach tells us what Eldritch Moon will need to address.