Before Wizards decided to give us "Pivotal Moments" we had to string Magic lore together through the cards (and books). This is my understanding of Shadows Over Innistrad. So Jace shows up on Innistrad mainly lookin for his ex. She turns him down really quickly. Forever alone Jace discovers a mystery that require reading and can't stop himself from investigating it. Across town, Nahiri goes full Bad Blood on the family home of Sorin - a vampire. Turns out, Innistrad's natural protection - the Angels - are turning against the people of the plane. Jace becomes secure in this knowledge when he visits Sorin's home and gets attacked by the former angel pope. She's also kind of Sorin's daughter. Sorin - confident that he is Innistrad's only hope = shows up, sure that putting angel pop in time out for eternity will fix the problems, so he does so. But before he could pat himself on the back for neutralizing another threat... ...all the pieces fell into place. all the clues point to on undeniable truth... with the Helvault and Avacyn removed as protective barriers, Nahiri could enact her goal and bring... Emrakul to innistrad The landscape of Innistrad was warped by the Eldrazi into their Lovecraftian vision. The rest of the Gatewatch shows up to ruin Jace's sidequest. They try to fight off the horrors. The grand finale came down to Jace playing a game of chess with an angel in a dream to seal Emrakul into the moon. And Nahiri bested Sorin and locked him into a wall. I assume he's still there. The end.

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