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Rally the Rankings

Rally The Rankings: 10 Simic Cards You Should Be Playing In Commander

Ryan has a solid lineup of ten underrated Simic cards which deserve a shot in your next deck.

Commander Corner

Commander Corner Original: Alaundo the Seer

Luka brings us a lively Simic deck which wants to cast multiple spells per turn.

Hipsters Presents

Jumpstart Advent Calendar Day 24: The Christmas Pageant

The end of our advent calendar is finally here. Sleeve up some packs and build some decks!


Escaping the Uroboros

Searching for fun in all the wrong places.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Shattered Perceptions

Commander Primer: Simic

All the mana and all the cards.

Leveling Up

Taking Uro to Standard in Philly

Playing Bant in Standard with the new Titan.

Shredding the Codex

Urza, Charmed Archmage: Modern Deck Guide

The middle cannot hold: so play more counterspells!

Standard Eyes

Grinding Arena to Mythic in the Time of Oko

Play any colors you want, as long as they’re Simic.

Shattered Perceptions

Prime Speaker Pod

Commander Birthing Pod, reporting for duty!

Standard Eyes

Spoiling for Simic in Standard

Will Simic take the stage in Ravnica Allegiance Standard? Spoilers so far point to yes.

Dear Azami

Writing Characters to Color

Levi explores the color philosophies of Tishana and Kumena of Ixalan’s River Heralds.