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Cube Elation

March of the Machine: The Aftermath and Commander Deck’s Cube Hits

Usman shares his thoughts on the best (or at least most interesting) cube cards from March of the Machine: The Aftermath and Commander decks.

Cube Elation

March of the Machine’s Cube Hits

Usman breaks down the best cards March of the Machine has to offer for your cube drafting enjoyment.


Consider the Seedshark

You go in the cage, cage goes in the water, you go in the water. Seedshark’s in the water. Our Chrome Host Seedshark.


Nathan Steuer Wins Pro Tour March of the Machine

The Magic: The Gathering World Champion won the tournament Rakdos Midrange and four copies of Fable of the Mirror-Breaker.

Card Kingdom

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The Aftermath of March of the Machine: The Aftermath

The entire set has been previewed, including the newly-desparked Planeswalkers and other story beats.

15 Wins

MTG Arena Midweek Magic Guide: March of the Machine Constructed

The event is free to all players and requires a 60-card deck entirely made up of cards from the March of the Machine expansion.

15 Wins

March of the Machine MTG Arena Mastery Pass

The second major set to release in 2023, March of the Machine brings with it a huge Mastery Pass to Arena. Here’s what you need to know.

Goblin Lore

Yankees Suck…but We Love Kyra

K Arsenault Rivera joins the goblins to discuss her work writing the March of the Machine story.

Prismatic Vistas

Hot MOMs: The Top 10 Queer Women of March of the Machines

Dora counts down this unique list of queer women from Magic’s latest expansion, March of the Machines!


MTG Arena Announcements: Close Are The Footsteps Of The Machine

Check out how March of the Machine will look on MTG Arena!

Drawing Live

Design of a Card: Invasion of Gobakhan (Exclusive Official Preview Card)

Zach dives into the new Battle mechanic and the design space it opens up, including a look at our official preview card!