Midweek Magic this week is a new take on an established format, bringing March of the Machine Constructed to the rotating event. You’ll have to build a 60-card Constructed deck with cards only found in March of the Machine.

With this deck, you’ll have the chance to earn up to three random rewards. The first two rewards are Rare Individual Cards, which can be either a rare or mythic rare card available from all cards found on Arena. The final prize is a Mystery Cosmetic pack, which can contain anything from a new card style to an avatar or pet. Card styles are the most common drop from these packs but there’s always a chance to get the rarer prizes.

Midweek Magic: March of the Machine Constructed is free for all players to enter on both the Magic: The Gathering Arena app or game client. The event beings this Tuesday at 2 p.m. PT and will end on Thursday at 2 p.m. PT for all players.

March of the Machine Constructed Rules

The biggest thing to keep in mind with this event is that you can only use cards from the March of the Machine expansion. There’s quite a few themes to be found in this set, and with the inclusion of Battle cards, there are plenty of directions to go. Popular themes you could build around could be blue-white Knights, Red/Green Battles, or White/Black Phyrexians.

If you want a spicier list to take down your opponents, you could try this Abzan Incubator list.

March of the Machine Abzan Incubator

Creatures (28)
Bloated Processor
Corrupted Conviction
Elesh Norn
Glissa, Herald of Predation
Grafted Butcher
Ichor Drinker
Norn’s Inquisitor
Progenitor Exarch

Spells (8)
Phyrexian Awakening
Sculpted Perfection
Lands (24)
Blossoming Sands
Jungle Hollow
Scoured Barrens

With early-game lords like Grafted Butcher and Norn’s Inquisitor boosting your board, you’ll have plenty of time to cast your larger spells in Elesh Norn and Glissa, Herald of Predation. Getting free transformations from Glissa and Elesh Norn can take your little Incubator tokens and turns them into massive threats in the space of a few turns.

Sculpted Perfection is a bit of a flex spot, one one hand it does come in with a 3/3 threat since it has Incubate 2 and then acts as an anthem for your Phyrexian creatures. But if you like you need a bit of protection with spells like Surge of Salvation or some bonus removal with Cut Short or Pile On.

There aren’t any rare lands and very little mana fixing in March of the Machine, so everyone is going to be using sub-optimal lands in this format.

Banned Cards

There are no specific banned cards for this event, so use all your favorite cards.

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