The culmination of years of Magic: The Gathering’s Phyrexian arc came to a conclusion with the release of March of the Machine. The second major set to release in 2023, March of the Machine brings with it a huge Mastery Pass to Arena.

With more than 70 levels in the March of the Machine Mastery Pass, there are tons of rewards for players to collect. For players who don’t want to pick up the Mastery Pass, there’s always the Set Mastery track to follow, a free way to earn 54 levels of rewards. If you’re on the fence about which track to take this guide will breakdown everything you need to know

The Details of Set Mastery and the Mastery Pass

Both the Mastery Pass and the Set Mastery are ways for players to earn additional rewards for playing games on Magic: The Gathering Arena. You’ll move through each track by earning XP when you level up, complete quests, or by participating in events.

The Set Mastery is the free track where players earn rewards just for playing games and earning XP. There are no additional steps required to jump on board this track, you’ll automatically start earning the prizes along the Set Mastery track.

If you’re looking to earn a lot of extra rewards, then the Mastery Pass is the way to go. For 3,400 gems, or about $19.99 you’ll get a ton of extra packs, gems, Mastery Orbs, and cosmetics for your rewards.

Along with both tracks comes access to the Mastery Tree, a web of additional rewards that players get to pick and choose cosmetics to add to their collection. Progress through the Mastery Tree can only be done by spending Mastery Orbs collected through either the Set Mastery or the Mastery Pass. Typically, you’ll only earn enough orbs to complete one branch of the Mastery Tree with the free Set Mastery rewards, while if you purchase the Mastery Pass you’ll be able to unlock everything.

Leveling up either path requires 1,000 XP, though gems can be spent to jump to the next level. One level costs 200 gems, while a the same time, players can choose to purchase a ten-level boost when they pick up the Mastery Pass.

Set Mastery Rewards

The Set Mastery track is a simple 54 level path with tons of packs and some Mastery Orbs to collect. Completing all 54 levels will give players:

  • 27 March of the Machine Booster Packs
  • 5 Mastery Orbs.

Those five Mastery Orbs can unlock most of one brach of the Mastery Tree, rewarding players with several card styles and a fancy sleeve, depending on how they allocate their Orbs.

Mastery Pass Rewards

The Mastery Pass track grants all rewards included in the Set Mastery path, as well as tons of new ones. These rewards are:

Once players hit level 81 and for every level beyond, they will receive uncommon individual card rewards with a chance of them upgrading to higher rarities.

Mastery Tree Rewards

Each branch of the Mastery Tree follows the color of one of New Phyrexia’s Praetors and rewards various cosmetics.

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