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Nova's Playbook

The Best Modern Deck That No One Is Playing

Mill—it’s no longer just a casual strategy in Modern.

The Rapport

Grixis Death’s Shadow vs. Tron

How to beat the big-mana menace.

Grinding It Out

Going Back to Green-Black in Cleveland

Ally rocks Cleveland.

Tower, Mines & Fine Lines

War of the Spark Early Modern Contenders

Get excited for new sparks in Modern.

Card Kingdom

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Nova's Playbook

Team Nova’s Decklists for SCG Cleveland

Expect a flock of phoenixes this weekend.

Leveling Up

Don’t Be a Pet

Being open to changing decks is a key part of winning.

Nova's Playbook

Modern Izzet Phoenix Guide

Mountain, Faithless Looting, discard two Arclight Phoenix…

Tower, Mines & Fine Lines

Something Completely Different

You can play anything you want in Modern.

Nova's Playbook

Adapting Amulet Titan

It’s Prime Time!

Tower, Mines & Fine Lines

Izzet Too Good?

Emma explains why Izzet Phoenix will be beaten in Modern.

Nova's Playbook

Team Nova’s Decklists for SCG Cincinnati

Check out the team’s Standard, Modern, and Legacy lists for this weekend.