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Hipsters Presents

Top 10 Eternal Reprints that Will Break Modern

You’ll never guess number six!

Breaking News

Modern Horizons is a Modern Set That Will Skip Standard

It will include all-new cards for Modern as well as reprints of cards not currently in Modern.

Tower, Mines & Fine Lines

Old and New Again in Modern

Blast from the Past wins Modern tournament!

Grinding It Out

Contemporary Modern Decks

Do you need to play Modern in the next few weeks? Did Ally lose a bet?

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Tower, Mines & Fine Lines

The Modern Metagame Evolves

Modern continues to exist, apparently.

Tower, Mines & Fine Lines

The Modern Weekend that Was

New decks continue to surface in Modern.

Tower, Mines & Fine Lines

Chalice of the Void

Will Chalice of the Void disrupt the evolving Modern metagame?

Tower, Mines & Fine Lines

Burn Lights Up Modern

Burn takes the stage in Modern.

Tower, Mines & Fine Lines

After the Ironworks

No more eggs!

Grinding It Out

Now What Do I Play in Modern?

Ally has some answers.

Tower, Mines & Fine Lines

Dom Harvey Titans his Breaches with Amulets

Emma interviews Dom Harvey, who won the Modern Open at SCG Worcester with an innovative Amulet Titan/Through the Breach deck.