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The Brothers Who Bash defeated Stream Team 4-3 in Week 2 of Team Modern Super League 2.

The Brothers Who Bash (Brad Nelson, Brian Braun-Duin, and Corey Baumeister) jumped out to a 3-1 lead, but Stream Team (Jess Estephan, April King, and MTGNerdGirl) battled back to even the series at 3-3 and force a dramatic deciding Game 7. Brian Braun-Duin was able to pilot his Humans deck (the same deck he played to a Top 8 berth at Mythic Championship II London) to victory over Jess Estephan, who was on Dredge, giving the victory to The Brother Who Bash.


Round 1: Brian Braun-Duin( Humans) defeats MTGNerdGirl (Boros Burn) 2-0

Round 2: Corey Baumeister (Izzet Phoenix) loses to April King (Mono Green Tron) 0-2

Round 3: Brad Nelson (Eldrazi Tron) defeats Jess Estephan (Dredge) 2-0

Round 4: Brian Braun-Duin (Lantern Control defeats April King (Izzet Fevered Visions) 2-0

Round 5: Corey Baumeister (Mono Green Tron) loses to Jess Estephan (Izzet Phoenix) 1-2

Round 6: Brad Nelson (Mono Green Tron) loses to MTGNerdGirl (Boros Burn) 0-2

Round 7: Brian Braun-Duin (Humans) defeats Jess Estephan (Dredge) 2-0

Must See Match of the Week: Game 2, Nelson vs. Estephan

(Skip to 1:45:08 if the embed doesn’t do so for you.)

This week’s Feature Match is Match 2, Brad Nelson (Eldrazi Tron) vs Jessica Estephan (Dredge). Let’s focus on Game 2.

The first thing to note in Game 2 is that Nelson brought in his one Grafdigger’s Cage. Normally this is a no-brainer change against a Dredge opponent, but Nelson was playing four Karn, the Great Creators, which gave him essentially four copies of any colorless card in his sideboard via Karn’s -2 ability. But Nelson decided that having to wait for Turn 3 or 4 (on the draw) to use Karn to get the Grafdigger’s Cage was going to be too slow, so he decided to board it in and hope to be able to play it on Turn 1.

Nelson’s decision paid off for him, as his opening hand was a one-lander with the singleton Grafdigger’s Cage, plus some additional action if he happened to hit a second land on time. Estephan, on the other hand, had the makings of a pretty explosive opener with two G/R dual lands, two Cathartic Reunion, one Stinkweed Imp, one Assassin’s Trophy and one Life from the Loam, which is a great keep on the play.

On Turn 2, Estephan cast her first Cathartic Reunion, which combined with enough dredgers to hit all four of her Creeping Chills to take Nelson to eight life and boost her life total to 32. On Nelson’s Turn 5, his Grafdigger’s Cage was answered by Estephan’s Assassin’s Trophy, but he drew into a Karn, the Great Creator and tutored up a Tormod’s Crypt to undo a lot of Estephan’s work. The next few turns came down to Nelson building up his board state while managing Estephan’s board, utilizing Endbringer and a few Blast Zones.

By Turn 8, Nelson felt like it was safe enough to start attacking and locked up the game by Turn 10 after back-to-back attacks for 10. Nelson being able to navigate the game, after going to eight life on Turn 2 and still pull out a win to take the whole match is why this match is the Must See Match of the Week.


1-0 Brothers Who Bash
1-0 Pamplemousse
0-0 ChannelFireball
0-0 Brew Crew
0-0 Mage Market
0-0 Scary Pterrys
0-1 Play Design Team
0-1 Stream Team


Round 1:

June 11 (Modern Horizons is legal!)
ChannelFireball vs Mage Market

June 18
Scary Pterrys vs Brew Crew

Round 2:

June 25

July 2

July 9

July 16


July 30

August 6


August 13

August 20


August 27


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