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Last night, Mage Market defeated ChannelFireball 4-1 in Week 3 of the Team Modern Super League 2.

The Results

Round 1: Andreas Peterson (Devoted Druid) defeats Sam Pardee (Eldrazi Tron) 2-0

Round 2: Thomas Enevoldsen (Infect) defeats Matt Nass (HogaakBridge) 2-0

Round 3: Michael Bonde (Hogaak’s Bridge) loses to Andrew Baekstrom (Celestial Kirin/Devoted Druid Combo) 1-2

Round 4: Thomas Enevoldsen (Azorious Control) defeats Sam Pardee (Whir Prison) 2-0

Round 5: Andreas Peterson (Humans) defeats Andrew Baekstrom (Infect) 2-0

From watching these games, I was impressed by the Devoted Druid packages out of both the dedicated combo deck from Mage Market, and the Celestial Kirin version brought by ChannelFireball. (The deck lists are here.) Being able to set up quick kills with Giver of Runes protection seems quite strong.

The other notable standout it that the Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis decks lost both of their matches. A Turn 2 kill out of Simic Infect and sideboard Leyline of the Void out of Celestial Kirin seemed to shut down the deck people consider Modern’s current boogeyman.

All in all, Week 3 was a pretty dominant performance from Mage Market. They able to put up a convincing 4-1 result against one of the most stacked teams in Team Modern Super League 2. I look forward to seeing both of these talent teams continue to battle at the season goes forward!

Featured Game

(Skip to 1:12:43 if the embed doesn’t do so for you.)

We turn our spotlight this week to one of the more interesting games from this week…ehhh, who am I kidding. In a week full of kills before Turn 4, we’re going to take a look at the nicest game from Week 3.

The game in question is Game 2 of Round 3, where Michael Bonde played against Andrew Baekstrom. Bonde, on Hogaak’s Bridge, managed to pick up Game 1 against Baekstrom’s Celestial Kirin deck, but in Game 2 things got more interesting. The game started with Baekstrom taking a pair of mulligans, but finding a Leyline of the Void in his five card hand. Bonde had the Nature’s Claim to answer the Leyline…but didn’t have Green mana!

Baekstrom deployed a Turn 2 Scavenging Ooze to put the screws to Bonde in case he found the Green source to deal with the Leyline of the Void. On Turn 4, Baekstrom found a way to assemble the Devoted Druid plus Vizier of Remedies combo to make infinite mana. As Baekstrom went through all of the clicks to make infinite mana, the commentators speculated on how large he planed on making the Ugin’s Conjurant in his hand. As it turns out, Baekstrom produced the “Nice”est creature the Modern Team Super League has ever seen, a 69/69 Ugin’s Conjurant! Unfortunately, the Conjurant never got to get busy with that stat line, because Baekstrom cast an Eladamri’s Call on the next turn to close the game.


1-0 Brothers Who Bash
1-0 Pamplemousse
1-0 Mage Market
0-0 Brew Crew
0-0 Scary Pterrys
0-1 ChannelFireball
0-1 Play Design Team
0-1 Stream Team


Round 1:

June 18
Scary Pterrys vs Brew Crew

Round 2:

June 25

July 2

July 9

July 16


July 30

August 6


August 13

August 20


August 27

Join us again next week for more hits, such as Turn 2 Infect kills, Hogaaks struggling to deal with Leyline of the Void, and more “nice” plays!

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