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Last night, the Brew Crew defeated Scary Pterry’s 4-2 in Week 4 of the Team Modern Super League 2. It was a spicy week as saw a bunch of Druids, Hogaaks, and Urzas enter the fray to help the Brew Crew pull out the victory.

The Results

Round 1: Autumn Burchett (Druid) defeats PleasantKenobi (GW Taxes) 2-1
Round 2: Caleb Durward (Jund) defeats Meghan Wolff (Mono R Phoenix) 2-0
Round 3: Emma Handy (Hogaak) defeats Saffron Olive (Bant Geddon) 2-0
Round 4: Caleb Durward (Urza Thopter) beats Autumn Burchett(mill) 2-1
Round 5: PleasantKenobi (Hogaak) beats Emma Handy(Burn) 2-0
Round 6: Saffron Olive (Urza Thopter) defeats Meghan Wolff(Hogaak) 2-1

Match of the Week

(Skip to 2:44:43 if the embed doesn’t do so for you.)

This week we are going to spotlight Game 1 of Round 6, where Meghan Wolff played Hogaak against Saffron Olive on Urza Thopter Sword. (Don’t forget to check out the decklists.)

We have seen the power of Hogaak, Risen Necropolis when the deck gets to go off, but in Game 1 we got to see that the deck does in fact have a Plan B. The game started with both players keeping hands that contained most of their Plan A—but not the full combos. SaffronOlive’s hand contained a ton of mana but no payoffs, which left him banking on drawing an engine before dying, while Wolff’s hand was a a bunch of payoffs and one land, where she can combo off with Hogaak, Risen Necropolis and Altar of Dementia if she had ever finds a second land.

While SaffronOlive spent a bunch of time deploying his mana, Wolff was able to string together a couple Stitcher’s Supplier to get a Hogaak, Risen Necropolis into the graveyard, allowing her to cast Hogaak on Turn 3 despite stumbling on land. Having attacked for 10 damage on Turn 4, she then added a Gravecrawler after combat, which bumped her onboard power to 12. SaffronOlive took his last draw step and scooped it up in the face of lethal damage on the other side of the table.

A Turn 4 kill in a game where Wolff never drew a second land shows the sheer power of the backup plan that the Hogaak deck brings. What looked like a sketchy keep turned out to attack for 10 on Turn 4 and prompted a concession, where if Wolff drew a second land in time for Altar of Dementia she had access to a very easy Turn 3 kill.


Another week, another bunch of Hogaaks and Devoted Druids. I for one am interested in seeing how next week plays out and if the players can finally crack the code to beat the Hogaak decks reliably! Make sure to catch us again on Tuesdays with more exclusive deck lists, and Wednesdays for recaps of the show!

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