The Rapport

Guiding You Through the Shadows: A Mardu Death’s Shadow Primer

Without a shadow of a doubt—Death’s Shadow is back!

Back from the Shadows: Winning an MCQ with Mardu Death’s Shadow

Death’s Shadow is back, baby!

A Modern Article Totally About Tron

Please ignore the nonsense coming from the graveyard.

Choosing Your Graveyard Hate and Why It Matters

Sideboard smarter against graveyard decks in Modern.

Card Kingdom

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Teaching an Old Jund New Tricks

Good old Jund. Nothing beats Jund.

Modern is Back in Black

Some thoughtsies about Thoughtseize.

A Modern Renaissance 

Y’all forgot about Goyf.

Beating the Hogaak Menace

How to unbuild their Hogaak.

When Shadows Fall

So you want to play Death’s Shadow in Modern? Here’s how to decide if that is a good idea.

Updating Azorius Control with Modern Horizons

Snow control is the closest you can get to playing Tundras in Modern.

State of Modern: SCG Invitational

What to expect from Modern at the Star City Games Invitational next weekend.