Ensnaring Cambridge

The Imaginary Magic Hygiene Problem Revisited

Shawn revisits his controversial article on hygiene in the Magic community.

Burn the Bridge and Build a New One

Shawn talks about the end of Ensnaring Cambridge and the beginning of a new series.

Two Headed Giant, Modern, and More at SCG Worcester

Shawn talks about Team Tunnel Ignus playing Two-Headed Giant and Team Wolfpack playing Modern at SCG Worcester.

Bringing Modern to Light

Shawn suggests the recently spoiled Bring to Light as a potential inclusion to Modern Restore Balance and Scapeshift.

Card Kingdom

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Pucatrade and the Pauper Cube

Shawn tries out Pucatrade and reports back on his experience.

PPTQ Deck Swap

Shawn and his friends decide to swap decks for a local PPTQ. One of them wins the whole thing.

Is UW Tron a Real Deck?

After losing a lot in a Twin/Jund heavy meta, Shawn considers playing UW Tron for the remainder of the Modern Season. But is it a real deck?

The 2015 Wolfpack Invitational 2.0

Shawn shares pictures and stories from the second ever Wolfpack Invitational.

Power Cube Rotisserie Draft

Shawn discusses his first ever Rotisserie Draft.

My First Origins Draft

Shawn discusses his first Origins draft and his initial impressions on the format.

Two Prereleases and the Remix to (Chandra’s) Ignition

Shawn has wildly disparate experiences playing 2HG and Sealed at the Origins prerelease.