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Tony Mei

Scrub Report


Tony signs off on his year of Scrub Report by asking friends some uncomfortable questions about their favorite Magic cards.

Scrub Report

On Surviving MTGO

MTGO crashes got you down? On the verge of shaving your head and running into traffic? Tony has some tips for coping with everyone’s favorite online client.

Scrub Report

A Few Closing Remarks from Zurgo Helmsmasher

Zurgo gets the team together for a departmental meeting.

Scrub Report

8 Variations on the Theme of Magic

What if your friend’s misconceptions about Magic came true?

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Scrub Report

Morph, Face Down: A Scrub’s Primer

Tony talks Morph, Khans, and the future of Scrub Report.

Scrub Report

Judgment Call

Tony talks about learning to make the decisions that matter in Magic and life.

Scrub Report

Boring Cards Are Awesome

Tony takes a look at boring cards, the unsung heroes and staple creatures of M15 Limited.

Scrub Report

A Summer Story

Tony takes you on a walking tour. Comfortable shoes and sunscreen advised.

Scrub Report

The 60 Card Shuffle

Tony prepares to enter Standard and considers Coursers, Thoughtseize, and silly UR artifact decks.

Scrub Report

How to 2-2 Your Local Chinese Prerelease

Tony tackles M15 prerelease in Shanghai and gives you some advice on how to build an extraordinarily mediocre sealed deck.

Scrub Report

World of Magic

Tony explores the global Magic community in Shanghai. Also: cats, M15 prerelease, and one awesome game shop.