Hunter Slaton




How Hipsters Made it to the Late Game

Hipsters first Editor-in-Chief returns to reminisce about the good old days.


Negotiating With Terrorists Revisited

This week we look back on some of the top posts from 2015


Beating Myself at Grand Prix Las Vegas

Hunter made a great run at Magic’s biggest tournament ever, but some mistakes kept him from Top 8 contention. How can he learn from them and do better next time?

Arting Around

We Made Grand Prix Las Vegas Tokens!

Matt Jones made some original watercolor tokens—a soldier, a spirit, a germ, and an Eldrazi spawn—for the biggest Magic tournament ever. Collect ’em all!

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.


Abandon All Thieves

Friend of Hipsters Rob Ceretti on drafting the B/W Spirits deck in Modern Masters 2015. Get ready for Grand Prix Las Vegas Day Two!


Set Adrift

Lately Hunter’s been feeling loose-limbed and at loose ends; free and easy yet also somewhat doom-y.


Never Say Concede at GP Atlantic City

Though things didn’t go quite how he wanted at last weekend’s Grand Prix, Hunter still felt like he made some deckbuilding strides.


My Top 8 Magic Cards

Hunter picks his Top 8 Magic cards, and tells the stories behind why each is important to him.


Dragons of Tarkir Sealed PPTQ *Top 8*

Last weekend Hunter snuck into a PPTQ Top 8 on the back of a super-strong Gruul sealed deck. Find out how he did in draft!


Agree to Disagree

What’s going on with the wildly different color and archetype valuations in Dragons of Tarkir draft?


Practicing Dragons of Tarkir Sealed

Determined to be ready for his next Dragons of Tarkir sealed GP, Hunter practiced on MTGO last weekend. Find out how his smashy GW build performed!