Scrub Report

Tilting Transitions

Scrub Reporter Nat ditches their (not so friendly) LGS after a negative experience, and tries out MTGO, drafting lots and lots of wolves!

Smiling at Death

Scrub Reporter Nat talks about one of their favorite commander decks, starring Alesha, Who Smiles at Death.

Confusing Signals

Our newest Scrub Reporter, Nat, talks drafting Magic Origins, being appropriately gendered, and finding their place in the MTG community.

Spending Money on a Kid’s Game

Scrub Reporter Daniel talks about some tricky subjects: money, parenting, objectification, and MTG.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Reflections From an MTG Parent

Scrub Reporter Daniel shares more wisdom for parents of kids playing Magic: The Gathering!

Taking Your Kid Into the Wilds

Scrub Reporter Daniel Stern gives a primer on various formats and nights, and comes to a conclusion on the best way to play MTG with his kid!

Dad Magic

Our newest Scrub Reporter Daniel talks about the perils and joys of being a dad to an MTG-loving kid.

Come Scrub With Us!

New to magic? Come write for us for four weeks! It’s like Summer Camp… kinda!

Worms in the Apple, Ugin, and Looking Ahead

In her final article for Scrub Report, Kairi talks about playing competitively, dealing with unpleasant members of the community, and crushing her foes with Ugin.

The Rabble

Scrub Reporter Kairi fights the clique-y world of competitive magic with Rabble Red, but is it enough to keep her excited about the game?

Awkward Decks, Drafting, and Rare Re-Drafts

Scrub Reporter Kairi looks back on her first Pre-Release, and gives some of her thoughts on rare re-drafting.