On today’s Minute: While many pros chose mono-White Eldrazi last weekend, Temur Energy continued to dominate the Standard metagame and Mardu Vehicles made a triumphant return.

Last weekend’s two Grand Prix proved to be an excellent way to send off the Hour of Devastation Standard format. Both GPs Turin and Washington DC had a diverse array of archetypes in their respective Top 16s and were each won by different decks than other recent Standard GPs.

The talk of Day 1 was that many pros, such as Brad Nelson and his brother Corey Baumiester, had chosen to play mono-White Eldrazi. The deck did slightly better than in previous tournaments, with three copies across two Top 16s, and even helped Baumiester to his fourth Standard Top 8 in six months.

But in the end, the top stories of the weekend were the continued prominence of Temur Energy, which had 8 total copies across both Top 16s, and the resurgence of Mardu Vehicles, which had 6 copies. Mardu Vehicles, the star of Pro Tour Aether Revolt last February, won GP DC in the hands of Matt Severa, while Robin Dolar won GP Turin with the only copy of UB Control in either Top 16, defeating (you guessed it) Mardu Vehicles.

Here’s the full metagame from both the GP Turin and GP DC Top 16s:

8x Temur Energy
8x Red
6x Mardu Vehicles
3x Mono-White Eldrazi
2x Zombies
1x UB Control
1x UW Approach
1x UWR Gift
1x GW Ramp
1x BG Energy


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