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GP Vegas

Kitchen Table Magic

Aaron Forsythe Live from GP Vegas 2018

Sam interviews Aaron Forsythe live from GP Vegas 2018.

The Hipsters MTG Newsletter

Matt Nass Wins the GP Vegas Modern Event

Matt Nass won GP Vegas’s Modern event with Krark Clan Ironworks combo.

Modern Hero

GP Vegas Report & Series Wrap-up

Shawn shares his experiences at GP Vegas with his Modern Hero Elves deck.

From the Sideboard

GP Vegas Cosplay Gallery

We’ve got an amazing gallery of all the cosplayers at GP Vegas!

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Eternal Durdles

Episode 42—Interview w/Miracles’ Sweetheart Sam Roukas

Sam Roukas joins Nate and Zac to Talk about his stunning day 1 performance with the New Miracles 2.0 deck.

Legacy Hero

Travel Plans

Snow might have canceled Legacy but that didn’t mean Kate couldn’t prep for travel to Vegas!

Papa Longo's Story Time

Papa Longo’s Story Time—Vegas Baby

Papa Longo hits the slots and the draft tables at GP Vegas.

Ensnaring Cambridge

Las Vegas is a Weird Place: A GP Report

Shawn talks convention centers, casinos, and card pools at GP Vegas.

Scrub Report

Hipsters and Scrubs Talk Grand Prix Tips!

With GP Vegas 2015 looming, Giaco cobbles together advice from his fellow Hipsters and from previous Scrub Reporters to give you all the sweet Grand Prix tips you need!


Abandon All Thieves

Friend of Hipsters Rob Ceretti on drafting the B/W Spirits deck in Modern Masters 2015. Get ready for Grand Prix Las Vegas Day Two!

Ensnaring Cambridge

Modern Masters 2015 Practice Sealed

Shawn and his friends try to find the optimal build of a Modern Masters 2015 sealed pool.