Kitchen Table Magic

The Craftsmanship of Wyrmwood Gaming with Eric Dupuis

Sam interviews Eric Dupuis of Wyrmwood Gaming to talk about blending ancient woodworking techniques with modern sensibilities.

Donald Reents and the Colorful Journey of Chessex

Sam interviews Donald Reents, the founder of Chessex, and his colorful journey into the world of dice.

Jay Schneider of Red Deck Wins and The Mana Curve

Jay Schneider created the concept of the Mana Curve and made the first burn deck, “Paul Sligh Red”.

Daniel Chang Of Vintage Magic is Preserving MTG Artifacts

Sam interviews world renowned collector Daniel Chang of Vintage Magic.

Seance Halloween Special with Jason Alt, Zac Elsik and Seance Guy

Séance Guy joins us for a rare interview with Jason Alt and Zac Elsik for a Halloween special episode.

Jadine Klomparens Shares Stories From The Pro Tour

Sam interviews Jadine Klomparens, pro player, tournament grinder, and writer for Star City Games.

Josh Lee Kwai the Special Effects Wizard of MTG

Sam interviews Josh Lee Kwai, co-host of the Command Zone Podcast and Game Knights.

Worlds 2017 Special with Gerry Thompson, Donald Smith Jr., Christian Calcano, and Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa

Special coverage of the Magic World Championships 2017!

Dev from SBMTG Talks Rappers, YouTube, and Cats

Sam talks to Dev from  Strictly Better MTG, the rapping YouTuber with the deck tech, strategy, and feline co-hosts.

Dan Burdick And The Infinite Universe Of Play Design

Sam interviews Dan Burdick, the lead of Wizards R&D’s new Play Design team.