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Modern Masters 2015

None Shall Pass Bombs

The Fires of Grand Prix Vegas

Carrie reports from Grand Prix Las Vegas, where she finished 188th in the largest Magic tournament ever.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Sealed Bucket List

Carrie crossed some sweet achievements off her bucket list in a Modern Masters sealed PPTQ.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Mana Fixing in Limited

Carrie explores the nuances of limited mana fixing in this helpful primer.

Ensnaring Cambridge

Four Things About Two-Headed Giant

Shawn talks about a 2HG event he played in at GP Vegas and offers up some useful tips on the format.

Card Kingdom

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Beating Myself at Grand Prix Las Vegas

Hunter made a great run at Magic’s biggest tournament ever, but some mistakes kept him from Top 8 contention. How can he learn from them and do better next time?

Papa Longo's Story Time

Papa Longo’s Story Time—Vegas Baby

Papa Longo hits the slots and the draft tables at GP Vegas.

Drawing Live

Taste the Rainbow

Zach runs it back with four more Modern Masters decks. Spoilers: ramp is really, really good.

Counting to 20

Modern Masters Garbage

Staying open in draft has its advantages, but can we find a way to have those advantages while also forcing a strategy? In Modern Masters 2015, there may be a way.

Arting Around

We Made Grand Prix Las Vegas Tokens!

Matt Jones made some original watercolor tokens—a soldier, a spirit, a germ, and an Eldrazi spawn—for the biggest Magic tournament ever. Collect ’em all!


Abandon All Thieves

Friend of Hipsters Rob Ceretti on drafting the B/W Spirits deck in Modern Masters 2015. Get ready for Grand Prix Las Vegas Day Two!

Drawing Live

MMA2015 First Impressions

Zach’s here with three Modern Masters 2015 draft decks, each a different archetype, to break down.