Papa Longo's Story Time

Papa Longo’s Story Time—Vegas Baby

Papa Longo hits the slots and the draft tables at GP Vegas.

Papa Longo’s Story Time—Dog Days of TDL

Papa Longo has a short and sweet little tale for you from Memorial Day Weekend.

Papa Longo’s Story Time—GP AC

Papa Longo takes you down the shore to Grand Prix Atlantic City.

Papa Longo’s Story Time—Bromoka

Papa Longo is back after the Shogun sent his ninja spies after him. They were supposed to kill him, but they didn’t.

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Papa Longo’s Story Time—Mardu Hordeling Hunters

In a fever haze Papa Longo drafts for the first time with his new team The Longhostface Killahs.

Papa Longo’s Story Time—Drafting the DTK

Papa Longo gives you his impression of what kind of decks you can draft in DTK.

Papa Longo’s Story Time—Enter The Dojo

Buckle up—Season 6 of Team Draft League is going to be a bumpy ride.

Papa Longo’s Story Time—PPTQ’ing Somewhere in Long Island

Papa Longo tells you about his PPTQ experience in lovely Somewhere, NY.

Papa Longo’s Story Time—Season’s End

It’s the end of the Fate Reforged Draft Season and Papa Longo is on another Monkey Honeymoon.

Papa Longo’s Story Time—¿Como Sidisi?

Grab your Necronomicon, light a candle, and relax while Papa Longo tells you about his last TDL foray.

Papa Longo’s Story Time—Johnny and the Mnemonic Walls

Papa Longo takes you on a journey in this week’s Team Draft League.