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Ensnaring Cambridge

Las Vegas is a Weird Place: A GP Report

Shawn talks convention centers, casinos, and card pools at GP Vegas.

What We Learned

Quality Control

This week we review the litany of quality control issues that have arisen with Modern Masters 2

Ensnaring Cambridge

Modern Masters 2015 Practice Sealed

Shawn and his friends try to find the optimal build of a Modern Masters 2015 sealed pool.

What We Learned

Modern Masters Roulette

Last week Wizards unveiled the entire Modern Masters 2015 set and it looks like you might be better off gambling your $10/pack on something else in Vegas.

Card Kingdom

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Command of Etiquette—Downshifting Rares

In the wake of Scion of the Wild being downshifted to common, Jess talks about some other rares she think could be downshifted for her Pauper Cube.


Command of Etiquette—Top Ten Cards I Want to See in Modern Masters 2

Jess lists the top ten cards (and a bunch of others) that she’s hoping to see spoiled in Modern Masters 2.