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Eternal Durdles

Vintage Kicks and New Set Spice

Nate talks about a paper Vintage League in Texas and joins Zac to talk about from interesting hits from the new set!

Eternal Durdles

Eric Vergo Takes a Break

Nate, Zac, and Phil check in with Eric Vergo to discuss his up coming trip and how he feels about Legacy and Vintage right now.

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Stoneforge Rises

Nathan and Zac discuss the recent uptick in Stoneblade. Why is this deck gaining steam in the current meta?

Eternal Durdles


Phil and Zac clash about Delver and Nate ponders Phoenix’s future.

Card Kingdom

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Eternal Durdles

Great Expectations

The whole crew chimes in to guess what cards will spill over to modern from Legacy.

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Doing The Broken Thing

Zac’s out this week. Nate top-8s a 1K with Phoenix. He and Phil continue developing LazavNought.

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Mulligan Opinions

Nathan and Zac wax poetic on the new mulligan rule.

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Phil’s LazavNaught

Nate, Zac, and Phil breakdown Phil’s Recent iteration of LazavNaught that scored Phil a recent Top 8. Zac discusses the recent episode of Top Down Legacy Podcast.

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Grixis Phoenix w/ Callum Smith

Nathan and Zac Breakdown Grixis Phoenix with Callum Smith. Cyrus Corman-Gil joins in for a comprehensive match recap of the latest Challenge finals.

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Day 2, UR Pteramander, and OP stuff

Zac celebrates a day 2 at GPNJ. Nate talks about a 5-0 with UR Pteramander. They break down the recent announcement about Organized Play and the Mythic Invitational.

Eternal Durdles

Underrated Stars

Zac, Nathan, and Phil point out some cards that they think are flying under the radar and might have a good home in Legacy.