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Eternal Durdles

Grixis Phoenix w/ Callum Smith

Nathan and Zac Breakdown Grixis Phoenix with Callum Smith. Cyrus Corman-Gil joins in for a comprehensive match recap of the latest Challenge finals.

Eternal Durdles

Day 2, UR Pteramander, and OP stuff

Zac celebrates a day 2 at GPNJ. Nate talks about a 5-0 with UR Pteramander. They break down the recent announcement about Organized Play and the Mythic Invitational.

Eternal Durdles

Underrated Stars

Zac, Nathan, and Phil point out some cards that they think are flying under the radar and might have a good home in Legacy.

Eternal Durdles

Fireside Chat with Roland Chang

Roland Chang talks Grixis Delver, the power of representing Daze and Stifle, and his thoughts on Vintage.

Card Kingdom

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Eternal Durdles

A Call to Action

Nate and Zac discuss the Legacy’s community letter, and Phil joins for the last of the spoilers.

Eternal Durdles

Just The Hits

Zac, Nathan, and Phil go over the recent spoiled cards from Ravnica Allegiance.

Eternal Durdles

The New Guild Mechanics

Phil and Zac look at the new mechanics and speculate on future playables.

Eternal Durdles

Lavinia, Azorius Renegade

Nate and Zac do a full deconstruction on Lavinia, Azorius Renegade.

Eternal Durdles

Lazav, Good Impressions

Nate, Phil, and Zac Look at some new brews as they look forward for SCG Syracuse in March. Phil and Zac discuss the recent MTG Arena Announcement and how it affects us.

Eternal Durdles

A Montasy Meet-Up

Nate and Zac met up at Montasy for a local this week! Nate narrowly misses the top 4 at Paragon City and Zac talks up some pet projects.

Eternal Durdles

Mardu (There is no Try)

Nate and Zac discuss a new Mardu build, and final thoughts on Ultimate Masters.