Legacy Hero

The London Mulligan with Anuraag Das

Plus MTGO League changes and the esports bubble.

Mud Deck Tech

This week Kate does a deck tech on Mud Post, her Legacy deck for Eternal Weekend.

Eternal Weekend Hype

This week Kate starts prepping for Eternal Weekend.

Final Countdown

Legacy Hero is back with the final countdown to Grand Prix Las Vegas. See where Kate’s budget Death and Taxes deck stands and her thoughts with three weeks to go.

Card Kingdom

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Not So Hopeful

Kate discusses what she thinks is the best way to go forward on a budget under the new ban list.

Miracleless Miracle

This week Kate discusses how the end of Miracles in Legacy helps budget decks and gives her Legacy Hero budget Death & Taxes deck new life.

SCG Worcester

This week Kate shares some lessons from SCG Worcester.

Getting Ready for SCG Worcester

Kate talks about her progress with Death and Taxes and her worriesgoing into SCG Worcester.

Streaming Prep

Kate gets ready to stream weekly for Legacy Hero! Now we just need to know when you, the viewer, would like to watch.

Travel Plans

Snow might have canceled Legacy but that didn’t mean Kate couldn’t prep for travel to Vegas!

New Lists

This week Kate sends someone else to test the list and help her fine tune it with some new cards.