by MJ Scott (@moxymtg)

There were over 30 cosplayers at Grand Prix Las Vegas. Some of them represented the Magic Art Show, some of them came for the 2nd Annual Planeswalker Summit, some of them were Channel Fireball features, and some of them were just-for-the-hell-of-it independents–but all of them were there to share their love of Magic and have a good time.

Here you’ll find a selection of some of the best pictures from GP Vegas weekend. Enjoy the costumes, get to know the cosplayers, and remember to always try and credit cosplayers when sharing photos! Big shout out to everyone who sent me pictures for this article.

Special thanks to Eron the Relentless (@BibliovoreOrc) and Wizards of the Coast! Cheers.

Planeswalker Summit 2017–GP Vegas

Chandra – @AirBubbles

Jace – @ScrapperFerret

Liliana – @Kensadi, @moxymtg

Garruk – Ronnie Head

Arlinn – @squirtle_blue

Nissa – @ErinsArtStuff

Young Nissa – @scratchkitty

Venser – @hackworth

Vraska – @AiAmethyst

Gideon (not pictured) – Jess Dunks

Sorin (not pictured) – @gatorpharm03 (@Kensadi in pool party)

Tamiyo – @Oridesu

Nahiri – @TappyToeClaws

Saheeli – @carolyncosplay

Nicol Bolas (not pictured) – @Gailpowder_Mage

Dack Fayden – @EoT_Impulse

Jhoira (pool party) – @TappyToeClaws

Freyalise (pool party) – @scratchkitty


Hope to see you at the next GP Vegas—the theme is Ravnica Guilds!

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