Growing Your Theros Prerelease

Rich wants to make sure everyone has fun at their prereleases in the future and lays out some guidelines for Tournament Organizers to do their part in making the Magic happen.

Power & Toughness—The Yuppies Absolutely Triumphed

Matt Jones runs through his week. Some of it has to do with Magic, a lot of it is simply magical. Three MTGO videos included!

Theros Meta Calls

I know last week I was all over this whole let’s keep talking about control, in Theros. Yea, I’m over […]

All 101 Theros Commons Reviewed

Hunter “23/17” Slaton and Zach “Drawing Live” Barash break down all 101 commons in Theros.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

The Scrub Report—What New Set?

While others look to the gods this week, Scrub Report’s Giaco goes back and plays a triple Innistrad draft… for the first time in his life!

Legacy and Modern Theros Review

Which Theros cards will make an impact in Magic’s eternal formats?

We Got A Wiener!

Two runners up and three big winners for Hipsters of the Coast and Monday Night Magic’s No, Seriously, You Draw The Card contest! Hooray!!

Splash Mountain

This week I am going to talk about splashing extra colors of mana in a Limited deck, and specifically how awesome it is to do that in Return to Ravnica block draft.

Theros Instants and Flash Creatures

I have once again compiled a list of all of the instants and flash creatures in Theros. Enjoy!

Red Deck Wins

Right now, Mono Red is a real deck and I hate it.

Gods Alive!

Theros is looking pretty good for a bunch of formats, but EDH in particular is making out well in this set.