Gift Guide for the Non Planeswalker in your Life

Some of us have people to buy gifts for other than co-workers, and other magic players. I confess, that much […]

Top Ten Holiday Gifts for the Scrub in Your Life

The holiday season is approaching! From virtual trading cards to nifty event decks, here’s a list of gifts for that special scrub in your life.

Hipsters’ Party & Meet CastHaven!

This past Saturday Hipsters of the Coast celebrated its one-year anniverary! Also, an intro to Hipsters’ new sponsor.

The Last Article I Will Ever Write About Miracles

Tim tells Miracles that they need to see other people. But not before writing the tell-all primer on the achetype!

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Modern Masters–Blasting and Wackadoodling

For my first HOTC video I did a Modern Masters draft since they’re on magic online all week (hot damn!).

BG Dredge

This week Shawn discusses luck vs. variance and plays a Conley Woods’ brew through a Standard tournament.

Fun Vacuum

Jess tries to make Marath, Will of the Wild into her own deck. She succeeds on that front, but it’s not all that fun to play. One might even say it’s an ordeal.

Limited Improvement

Zach dissects red in Theros Limited, explains why it’s the worst color, and suggests how things could have been different.

Satire and Stockings

This week the Magic Community was presented with a satire of itself, courtesy of StarCity Games’ Chas Andres. It mostly missed the mark.

A Thanksgiving Miracle

The Obliterator ditches his family for GP Toronto the day after Thanksgiving and has the tournament of his life! With pictures!

Developements in Durdling—It’s Banned in Modern pt 2

Zac concludes his look at the Modern Banned list, focusing on combo enablers. What makes the cut?